About us

about us

As the Karagözoğlu family, we started our commercial activities as KARAGÖZLER Nakliyat Repairs Industry Trade Limited Company in 1993 and put our cold storage facilities into service in order to reach the consumer fresh fruits grown in Amasya without compromising their freshness.

Our Amasya Cold Storage Facilities, which have a total area of ​​15 000 square meters, are still serving for the purpose of storing and stocking fruits. These stored fruits are delivered to sales points by refrigerated vehicles on a daily basis.

Our company, which started brokerage activities in Samsun Vegetable and Fruit Market in 1999, has been conducive in reaching the consumers at the most affordable prices. Within the framework of the additional investments it has made over the years and its quality-oriented working system, our company still continues this mission with great devotion.

Our company strengthened its commercial activities by starting to offer packaged product services for chain markets in 2011, It met the high demand of local and national chains and accelerated its packaging, distribution and logistics activities in Samsun.

Our company maintains its feature of being the only group that makes daily cold distribution in this area.

In addition, our company has increased its daily carrying capacity to 250 000 kg by making logistics investments and the entire vehicle group currently serving is equipped with refrigerated trailers.

Imported Banana Ripening and Cold Storage Facilities for exotic products such as pineapple, mango and coconut, which started operating in Samsun in 2013, provide a healthier service to the regional retailers for imported fruits, has provided it to be delivered fresh and at the most affordable prices.

In 2017, we incorporated KV GIDA Sanayi Anonim Company in order to expand our foreign trade volume and bring our activities in this direction to higher standards.

Our company carries out its storage, packaging, yellowing and logistics activities in a total area of ​​42.000 m2, including 15.000 m2 in Amasya, 5000 m2 in Antalya, 2000 m2 in Samsun and 20.000 m2 in Niksar. 15.000 m²  of  this area is allocated for cold storage.

With our understanding of quality and reliable service, we have increased our fruit and vegetable supply capacity to approximately 50,000 tons in total annually. With our innovative, self-sacrificing and quality-oriented approach to work, we aim to raise this figure even higher with each passing day.

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