Apple is a species that has a very wide spread around the world and can be produced in different ecologies. Due to the suitability of ecological conditions and being a gene center, apple has been grown almost everywhere in our country for many years. Apple, which stands out as the most delicious form of red apple and has a juicy structure, is offered to consumers with its freshness and naturalness. Apple has a great importance in nutrition in terms of the mineral nutrients and vitamins it contains.

Growing Apples Types in Turkey, Amasya, Arapkız (Afyon), Bree Burner (Eskişehir), Fuji (Afyon, Eskisehir), Gala (Opium), Golden (Opium), Goldstar, Granny Smith, Gumushane (Afyon, Turkey Gumushane), Hanna, Rayka, Redchief, Roman Beauty (Afyon, Amasya), Starking, Round, Topaz, Tiny Round types are grown.

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